About Us

o3 Outdoors was started with one purpose, to create Adventure Gear to Go Explore. Started by Dan Drake, a passionate outdoorsman, world traveler, and offroad enthusiast, Dan has been on a mission to combine his manufacturing background with his passion for the outdoors. In 2012 Dan had a friend who played sports on astroturf and was battling staph infections. Solving that problem was the driving factor behind the initial products he launched and gave a platform for what we produce today.

With a deep background in scent and bacterial elimination, o3 Outdoors core technology has been used all the way from the NFL to law enforcement, first responders, and even the military and mobile medical units. No one likes a funky smell and bacteria can lead to major problems. This NASA-based technology eliminated both and brought this advancement to the overlanding and camping world where washing machines are non-existent and baby wipes don’t cut it. Bringing this technology to the outdoor adventure lifestyle just made sense!

person getting into trekker bag in back of jeep