What odors are typical that your product removes?

o3 Outdoors products are one of nature’s most powerful oxidizers and have been used as an organic cleaner for years.  We have tested our products using common smells like sweat, smoke, food, animal scents (including skunk).  o3 Outdoors is proven to be effective at eliminating or killing these smells and organisms.

Does this cover up the smells on my gear and clothing?

No, o3 Outdoors is not a cover scent or masking agent.  o3 outdoors eliminates odor-causing bacteria by attacking the core source of foul smells. This solution was perfected for use on the International Space Station and has evolved to deliver the same results for us here.

What is the smell?

Our products are designed to clean and disinfect with an odor somewhat similar to chlorine, detectable at fairly low levels of concentration. As these molecules are exposed to air it quickly reverts to ordinary oxygen, so its smell dissipates quickly.

Will your products work on outdoor clothing or sports equipment?

Yes, depending on how long your gear has been used and the nature of the clothing or equipment, the cleaning process may take longer due to the accumulation of odor. For example, your 3-year-old hiking boots that have hundreds of miles on them will very likely take several cycles with o3 Outdoors to get good results initially.

Can I completely fill my bag and get the same results?

You should achieve best results by filling the bag or closet to roughly 50% capacity. This will allow the generator to circulate freely around the contents. Smaller loads can also be effectively treated, but you may be able to run the generator for a shorter period of time to achieve good results. If you have more clothes or gear to be treated than will easily fit in the bag or closet, we recommend running multiple loads

Are o3 Outdoors products safe?

Yes the products are safe. They have been tested to be safe according to OSHA and EPA standards. The products have also been designed and engineered according to each common use and desired outcome. Please follow the direction for each item while using. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our customer service.