By using electricity and oxygen, the o3 Outdoors generators essentially split oxygen molecules that then attach themselves to other oxygen molecules creating o3. o3 naturally attacks unwanted odors and bacteria through an oxidation process. Odors dissipate in as little as 30 minutes. First perfected and used by NASA to clean water and equipment on the International Space Station. o3 Outdoors contracted with the NASA scientists and developed a solution for consumer use, o3 Outdoors technology effectively eliminates unwanted odors and harmful bacteria on your gear, in your home, vehicle, or RV. Sweat, body odor, chemicals, smoke, K9 smells, fuel – you name it, o3 Outdoors removes it by killing the organisms that cause the odors. Maintenance-free, o3 Outdoors leaves no scent, chemical residue, or harmful byproducts, and does not require filters or detergent chemicals.

Each o3 Outdoors generator has been designed to work in a variety of applications and for different levels of odor and bacterial contamination.

All of our generators follow EPA and OSHA standards.